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Barton Instruments

Barton Instruments 202E

The Barton Instruments 202E is a chart recorder that is used in gas transmission and distribution fields. It is an 12-inch accurate calibration unit that even works under extreme variations in static pressure and ambienttemperatures.The

Barton Instruments Model 335

Model 335A & 338E Recording Controllers• Pneumatic PID control from any recorded variable• Dual (pressure limited flow control) controllers in one case (optional)• Cost effective integrated design• 3-15 or 6-30

Barton Instruments J8A Pressure / Temp. Recorder Receiver

Model J8A Pressure / Temperature Recorder Receiver• Versatile and rugged this unit was designed for general temperature and pressure applications• Records logged on 8” diameter chart• Up to four elements or bellowstype

Barton Instruments Model 273, 274A, 284C and 285 DP

Barton Instruments Pneumatic Transmitters and Controllers are designed for petroleum, production, navy shipboard and process plant applications. These devices has to meet the most stringent and demanding requirements. Model 273 Transmitter

Barton Instruments Model 336 Pneumatic Controller

Barton Instruments Model 336C Pneumatic Controller Provides:• Gain, gain plus integral, gain plus integral and derivative, and differential gap control actions• Gain control, integral control derivative control, differential gap

Barton Instruments Model 752 and 753 Electronic Transmitter

These Barton Instruments transmitters address liquid, gas or vapor service. General features include:• Liquid-tight, explosion-proof case (no aluminum)• Any calibrated range, including absolute variations, available as standard with the

Barton Instruments 200A, 226C and 227C Indicator

Model 226C 3-inch IndicatorThe Barton Instruments M226C is a DP Indicator that is actuated by Barton's M224C rupture-proof DPU.The indicating pointer travels through a 270° arc over a compact 3-inch (75 mm) dial. Scales are

Barton Instruments Model 450C Indicator and Model 316C

Barton Instruments Model 450C IndicatorThe Barton Instruments Model 450C indicates low DP in high static pressure applications. Its 4-1/2" dial provides excellent readability with economy of space. The M450C is a commercial version of

Barton Instruments Model 247C and 246C

Barton Instruments Model 247C/246C 6-inch DP Indicator/Backflow TesterThe Model 247C is a portable 6” (152 mm) indicator housed in a plastic carrying case with a built in 3-valve manifold, bleed valves and neoprene hoses.• DP

Barton Instruments 232C 6-inch DP Indicator

Model 232C 6-inch DP IndicatorEconomical, 6-inch (152mm) indicator designed for applications where high accuracies are not required. Suitable for measurement of tank level, flowrate and DP across filters.Features include:•

Barton Instruments IT-12 Indicating Transmitter

IT-12 Indicating TransmitterThe Barton Instruments IT-12 DP Indicating Transmitter is designed to be retrofit into existing 6-inch Barton switch cases. These units provide local indication (processdriven) and 2-wire, 4-20 mA output

Barton Instruments 318C Indicating Switch

Model 318C Indicating SwitchThe Barton Instruments M318C DP Indicating-Switch meets MIL-S-901C Shock Grade Aand MIL-STD-167 Vibration Specs. Indicating pointer travels through a 270° arc over a compact 4-1/2 inch (114 mm) dial.

Barton Instruments Models 288C / 289A / 290D / 291B

These Barton Instruments DP Indicating Switches are responsive to relatively low magnitudes of pressure differences at high static pressures. They are offered in a wide range of DP ratings and can withstand over-ranges equal to their rated SWP. Typically

Barton Instruments Model 322C Blind Switch

Barton Instruments Model 322C Blind SwitchThe barton Instruments Model 322C is a blind SPDT, snap-acting switch designed for use in hazardous areas. An optional two-switch configuration is available. The Model 322C provides a highly

Barton Instruments Indicating Transmitter Switch (ITS)

Barton Instruments Series Indicating-Transmitter SwitchBarton Instruments ITS Series DP Indicating-Transmitter Switches provide local indication(process driven), 2- or 4-switch, and 2-wire 4-20 mA output.• Measures relatively

Barton Instruments 350 351, 352 and 350 Sealed Sensor

Model 350 Sealed SensorThe M350 consists of a M224C DPU with a 1-inch pipe nipple rear-welded to the DPU. The nipple is 8 inches long and can be attached directly to a pressure tap at the bottom of a tank. An optional flange, welded

NuFlo DP Cone Meters, Turbine Meters and Totalizers

Barton Instruments launched in 2006 an accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solution for a wide range of industrial applications.  NuFlo is a breakthrough product of Barton Instruments. The inherent design of the Barton Instruments