McDonnell & Miller RB-24E Low Water Cut-Off

McDonnell & Miller RB-24E Low Water Cut-Off

Features and Benefits of the McDonnell & Miller RB-24E

  • The all-new McDonnell & Miller RB-24E low water cut-off offers several new features:
  • Brass threads provide a metal-to-metal seal that ensures a leak-free installation.
  • Integrated wrench flats enable secure installation without damage to the housing.
  • McDonnell & Miller’s patented self-cleaning probe minimizes scale build-up and extends
  • the recommended cleaning interval to 5 years.
  • “Plug & Play” wiring harnesses are available for most residential gas-burning boilers.
  • Designed, built and tested at Xylem’s production facility in Morton Grove, IL USA.

MM 288A The NEW McDonnell & Miller GuardDog RB-24E


RB-24E - Partnumber 144692 - Residential LWCO
RB-24E-A - Partnumber 144694 - Residential LWCO w/vent damper harness
RB-24E-S - Partnumber 144693 - Residential LWCO w/control board harness
RB-24E-L - Partnumber 144690 - Residential LWCO w/burner control harness
UWH-RB-24A - Partnumber 144681 - Replacement cable for RB-24E-A
UWH-RB-24S - Partnumber 144682 - Replacement cable for RB-24E-S
UWH-RB-24L - Partnumber 144691 - Replacement cable for RB-24E-L